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So that answers your question but what about the Skeleton dressed to kill shirt? Well see I do cross-dress and I do have long hair. And pierced ears but I don’t actually try to pass for a woman I’m just a dude that in a dress so when I cam back out the guy pumping gas had his back to the store but not his friend in the car and again he caught sight of my peep-toes and his gaze slowly made it’s way up my off white nylon covered legs past my tight pink camo skirt eventually reaching my face and I momentarily saw that lusty look.

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And then a look of horror followed very quickly by a Skeleton dressed to kill shirt. Now I think we can all agree it’s nice to hear we have a nice body once in a while by a stranger but, and I know this might sound petty, I got even more enjoyable knowing this kid was going to be having an uncomfortable ride on the way to work just thinking about how he had a nice little hard on for a man, surely a challenge to his manhood, not to mention his buddy probably wanted to talk about that hot chick at the gas station either on the way to work or at work.

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