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Things slow down again as you transition to the Let the kids bang shirt. This is a good opportunity to sneak in another little trip. You will probably have a few things due in February, but if you get started early you will be more comfortable with managing time and doing deep work when you need to. You probably have a few things due in march, which you should really start early on. You are working a lot by this point, and everyone around you will be working a lot at this point. You should have settled into the rhythm of things by now though. You may start missing a few lectures to do work. Also, sir/madam your thesis is due in a few months and its best if you start sketching it out now.

Let the kids bang shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Let the kids bang Hoodie
Let the kids bang Tank top
Tank top
Let the kids bang V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt

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Step back and Let the kids bang shirt. Be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself. Efforts to tell yourself that you did what you could, will lead to continued failure because if you did what you could, then you have reached your capacity and your capacity was found wanting. But you haven’t reached your capacity, no human ever has. We use such a small percentage of our potential, that it is just not reasonable to think that anyone has ever reached a maximum. Were it otherwise the human race would not continue to progress as it has. You can continue to progress, so long as you are willing, to be honest with yourself.

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